Poetry Comes Out of My Mouth — Mario Santiago Papasquiaro (Dialogos Books)

Mantecn’s new book of translations, Poetry Comes Out of My Mouth: Selected Poems of Mario Santiago Papasquiaro, truly captures Santiago’s meaning and flavor.Mantecn, ever on the look-out for poets to translate from Spanish to English, has discovered mexico city poet, Mario Santiago (his pen name) to bring to the English speaking world.

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Poetry Comes out of My Mouth. His morality, that is, the code with which he ruled his behavior, is basically of a literary origin: I think I shut my eyes out of sheer sympathetic embarrassment. But ghosts sometimes appear. Pulitzer Centennial Poetry Celebration.

Mario Santiago Papasquiaro is the pen name of Jos alfredo zendejas pineda (mexico city, December 25, 1953 – 1998). Mexican poet and co-founder of the infrarrealista poetry movement.

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Poetry. Wild Geese Sorrow, The chinese wall inscriptions at Angel Island, new translations by Jeffrey Thomas Leong, Calypso Editions (WINNER) Poetry Comes Out of My Mouth, Selected Poems of Mario Santiago Papasquiaro, translated from the Spanish by Arturo Mantecn, Artwork by Maceo Montaya, Dilogos Books. Prose

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literature and poetry in Mexico, much older than such history in the United States. Readers may be familiar with the poetry of Sor Juana Ins de la Cruz, and of Octavio Paz. But there is now available in English a generous selection of a very different kind of poet from Mexico, Mario Santiago Papasquiaro, 1953-1998.

In 2017, Montoya created ten paintings based on the poetry of Mario Santiago Papasquiaro for Poetry Comes Out of My Mouth (Dilogos, 2017), the first major translation of the Mexican poet’s work. Most recently, Montoya developed a series of monoprints in collaboration with Fresno poet David Campos.

To my mind, it announces to the reader that the author has reached that stage of life that warrants staking out. books. That’s what she said. She’d wanted to be a teacher but she had these children.

Newly Translated Poetry from Mario Santiago Papasquiaro. His long free verse lines, reminiscent of the American Beats, are irreverent but also erudite, and his work is peppered with allusions and homages to Rimbaud, Artaud, Pound, Beckett, Bataille, Mallarm, Burroughs, Brautigan, Shakespeare and others.

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