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Join the Mentor Mastermind & win startup coaching from 7 tech VIPs. Almost half of these startups are Software or FinTech companies. No other "mega round" in excess of $100 million in Europe.

20. Seattle. State sales tax: 6.50% Local sales tax: 3.10% Rate of new entrepreneurs: 0.25% Rate of startup growth: 80.37% Seattle’s total tax of 9.60 percent is the highest on the list, which explains why it landed in last place on this list of best cities to start a business, but its healthy rate of startup growth is a big part of the reason the city made the list.

Currently, I am starting a new business around my nerd hobbies, because I believe fun is an integral part of successfull startups. I am looking to start a Mastermind-Group with likeminded people to keep each other acountable. If there is already a group that I could join, or somebody wants to start a new group with me, please send me a dm.

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A mastermind group is a great place to brainstorm ideas, get feedback, set goals and find accountability so you can actually accomplish things instead of just talking about them. Learn how to run a mastermind group to get the most out of the mastermind process.

Here’s what I learned about setting a criteria for my own mastermind group (I’d recommend setting criteria for ANY type of mastermind group): The people need to be of the same skill level – If there are 5 A-players in the group and 1 C-player, the C-player will be singled out almost instantly and it’ll build resentment.

20 Financial Rules for Your 20s. Last modified by Jeff Rose on. These 20 rules for finances in your 20s should help you get things in order before. Consider starting up a small side business that can help you cultivate an alternative income stream so that you don’t have to rely too.

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I’m sure by now you have heard multiple sources raving about the benefits of being in a mastermind group to help push your business to the next level. Tom has previously provided great information on how and why you should start a mastermind group and included his two person mastermind model in that post.

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